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Difference between car motor oil and motorcycle motor oil

Difference between car motor oil and motorcycle motor oil

on Dec 22, 2019 in Vehicle

The efficiency of the vehicle is determined by the quality of the motor oil used for the engines. There is a lot of difference between car motor oil and motorcycle motor oil.

It might be fascinating to hear that not all the oils are created in the same way. Because many of the features are different between the two types of vehicles.

For instance, The RPM of a motorcycle will always have a higher value than that of a car. Here are some of the aspects with which one can differ between these two oils.

The attributes of the two types of oils

We must know the characteristics of these two oils in order to understand the differences between the car motor oil vs motorcycle motor oil.

The change in viscosity is due to the need for a smoother working of various parts in the cars, they also need a detergent additive that has a relatively higher content of ash.

If the same oil is used for the motorcycle it may prove to be inefficient and there will deposition on the pistons due to its ash content.

The motorcycle oil is designed in such a way that it has lesser deposition and also protects the parts from damage. This ensures the smooth running of the vehicle.

The main difference

The working of both the engines is not so different yet the features provided by them are different such as economy in cars and clutch performance in the motorcycles.

The main difference between the car motor vs motorcycle engine oil is that cars do not deal with wet clutches; the bike needs to have a consistent wet clutch to have a better performance.

car motor oil

Car oils do provide fuel economy and do not allow the build-up of particles yet it does not provide clutch balance or any other features like transmission protection.

Therefore, the conclusion is that one must never change the car motor oil with bike oil because both have a different purpose to serve. They have been made with different processes for the desired features in the vehicle.

So, before you think of experimenting between the two oils you should read the information that is provided above.

Only use the oil that is prescribed for your vehicle in the user manual that will ensure the proper running of your vehicles.

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