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Sports betting income without taxes

Sports betting income without taxes

on Mar 26, 2020 in Paying Taxes, Sports Betting

Many players who play casino games, poker, online or offline sports betting often do not know that their winnings are subject to tax.

The amount of your winning can only be taxed if it exceeds the norms set by the government. Here are some of the ways in which you can win sports gambling without paying taxes:

Knowing everything about sports gambling

Before you start finding ways on how to not pay taxes for your winning you must know how much of the amount is actually taxable.

Therefore, for your information any winning amount that is 300 times more than your initial betting amount is taxable.


The casinos themselves will send a report of your winnings if it were huge. Unless you lose all your money in the next bet. You can go unnoticed very easily as the amount you take home won’t be too much.

Reporting your losses too

If you have won $70,000 in a sports gambling game and this is the only source of income of your family your winnings can be reported to the government, you may have to pay the tax.

But if you have lost $80,000 in the same month then the winning amount will not be taxable if you report your losses too. This might cut out taxes winning sports bets every month.

Do not try to be naive

There are governing bodies assigned to casinos and all the legalized places that allow you to bet on sports gambling.

The authorities of the IRS and other bodies keep a close watch on all the casinos and the winnings are directly reported to them. In your desire to win sports betting income without taxes you may have to pay more than just money to solve the issue once you are found guilty.

Therefore, do not do the mistake of hiding your winnings, instead, you can follow the above-mentioned procedures to even out the money.

Before betting or putting your hard-earned money in the sports gambling carefully read through the policies of the casinos and do not try to hide your winnings if they are huge as you may be punished for the crime.

And if you become very lucky and win around $50,000 and you forgot to report your previous winning tickets your luck will run out and you will end up paying all your money.

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